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Warner’s lying letter to cheat US Immigration



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How odd:
Warner pays his debts to the Warriors
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The things they say...

‘Neither FIFA nor its President have anything to hide, nor do they wish to.’

Blatter press release, 28 January, 2003

BBC Panorama Reporter Andy Davies:

‘A one million franc bribe … is it not correct that Mr Blatter asked that it be moved to the FIFA official who was named on the payment slip?’

FIFA Director of Communications Markus Siegler:

‘If you do not stop now, then we call the security and we put you out.’

FIFA Press conference, Zurich, Tuesday, 11 April 2006

‘I am deputy chairman of the finance committee of FIFA. I oversee a budget of US$2 billion and I have never seen one iota of corruption.’

Jack Warner, Trinidad Express 12 December 2004

‘Lying and deception and bad faith are standard operating procedure at FIFA.’

Adam C. Silverstein, a lawyer for MasterCard in their successful action against FIFA, New York, December 1, 2006

‘I do not believe a Jew can ever be a referee at that level (Argentine Premier League) because it’s hard work and, you know, Jews don’t like hard work.’

FIFA senior vice-president and chair of Finance Committee, Julio Grondona, 5 July 2003. Buenos Aires

‘FIFA is a healthy, clean and transparent organisation with nothing to hide. There is huge public interest in FIFA, therefore we have to be as transparent as possible. We will try to communicate in a more open way so the world can believe us and be proud of their federation.’

FIFA General Secretary Urs Linsi, January 2003, on


Blatter’s ploy to dump shamed Warner



By Andrew Jennings




President Sepp Blatter is a tricky operator. For a decade he has relied on the 35 votes that Jack Warner controls in the Caribbean and North and Central America to hold on to power at FIFA. In return he has allowed the Warner family to become millionaires, plundering regional football and FIFA itself.


The Warner-controlled bloc of votes (including the USA) has come at an increasingly high price. Warner’s gross World Cup ticket rackets, his robbing the Trinidad Soccer Warriors national team, his blending of the finances of FIFA and his private companies – coupled with his vituperative assaults on his critics – brings global shame and embarrassment on FIFA.


Blatter wants to rid football of the burden of Warner and replace him with Cayman islands’ Jeff Webb or Jamaica’s Horace Burrell, both compliant but less scandal-prone. So it was a smart move, while Warner is diverted trying to buy a general election in Trinidad, to launch a second front against him, via a prestigious anti-fraud and corruption conference in Miami, a presentation highlighting Warner’s appalling activities.


It worked. The conference was inundated with media requests for advance knowledge of the corruption allegations to be made against Warner. A live satellite hook-up to the region was arranged – and then the signal mysteriously went down.


Artfully rubbing salt in Warner’s wounds, Blatter issued a fulsome statement of support for the man known to football fans as Jakula. ‘For Jack Austin Warner and Joseph S. Blatter to be separated,’ the President declaimed, ‘It would require more than an iceberg, a volcano or an earthquake . . . it would need a miracle for that to happen! But since all miracles have been proven to be positive, that won't happen either.’


Not only has Blatter put Warner’s future at FIFA into play, he gave the kind of reassurance that makes managers of failing clubs know they will be unemployed within days.



Listen to the audio of the presentation while reading the script. Two crucial documents are:


Warner’s lies to US Immigration – part of Homeland Security


AND . . .


• The CONCACAF cheque that Warner used to pay the Warriors. Warner refuses to discus why he used the Confederation’s money to meet his personal debt to the team.