"Michel Platini is a dangerous little faggot."



Image of a logo for The Bid for the 2018 -2022 World Cup



Smears and Lies in the 2018/22 World Cup bidding wars – click on title to read extracts from the first-ever insider account.



Image of Peter Hargitay's official FIFA business card



And here's the slimebag who spreads the foul gossip for Blatter. He was paid millions of dollars by the bid – but couldn't deliver a single vote.



Image of the Judgement of the Jamaican Supreme



But he dodges his debts. Here's the latest $3 million judgement against Peter Hargitay in a 20-year pursuit by the businessman he bilked. It was a year ago and he still hasn't paid.



Screen shot of Stevie Hargitay's blog



Another player in The Bid is Hargitay jnr. Does his wife know about his cunning skill?



Photo of FIFA President Sepp Blatter with Franz Beckenbauer and Fedor Radman in the background



Also soaking up the dollars in The Bid is funny Fedor, the Suitcase Delivery Man, lurking as ever in the shadows. What exactly did he do to earn his huge fee?


What does this picture say about Fedor's close relationship with Beckenbauer?

Let's not go there now.