Photo of Peter Hargitay

Peter Hargitay - Spindoctor to the world

Meet Peter Hargitay, the Swiss-Hungarian behind Mohamed Bin Hammam’s controversial FIFA election campaign in May.

In the 1980s Hargitay worked as a media-fixer in Switzerland.

When the Union Carbide company’s chemical factory in Bhopal, India, exploded in 1984, killing 16,000 people, maiming thousands more – and leaving a ghastly legacy of damaged babies - the company called on his special services.

Hargitay masterminded their battle to avoid paying fair compensation. He has boasted of his success on his websites. The people of Bhopal still wait for justice.


The children of Bhopal – and the factory ruins

Hargitay moved on to work for Marc Rich, the fugitive from American justice, who based himself in Zug, Switzerland. Marc Rich was famous for being America’s biggest-ever tax dodger. He was named as one of America’s Ten Most Wanted.

But Marc Rich committed a greater crime. He made another fortune secretly breaking UN sanctions against the apartheid regime in South Africa.

He sold the white minority the oil they needed to lubricate their repressive domination of the majority of the population.

Photo of Peter Hargitay and Marc Rich with his Wife

Here’s Peter Hargitay (left) toasting their success with Marc Rich and his wife.
(Photo courtesy Blick)

Peter Hargitay moved to Jamaica where he operated a shipping business – CEA Lines - around the Caribbean.

In 1995 Jamaican police discovered cocaine hidden on CEA boat the Pilar Del Caribe. Hargitay was sent for trial accused of trafficking - but later acquitted.

Hargitay then launched a media campaign accusing the American Government of being behind his arrest - because he would not assist them capture Marc Rich.

The US Information Office boss Michael Houlahan wrote to the Jamaican press rebutting Hargitay’s bizarre and unsubstantiated claims.

Image of first paragraph from open letter to Jamaica Herald