Image of Jack Warner's Fathers' Day message framed


Jack Warner garlanded with flowers

My People . . . I am the Father of Our Nation


Photo of Jack Warner and Mohamed

‘I’ve bought the money . . .


Photo of a large brown envelope with wads of Dollar bank notes

. . . and here it is!’




The things they say...

‘Neither FIFA nor its President have anything to hide, nor do they wish to.’

Blatter press release, 28 January, 2003

BBC Panorama Reporter Andy Davies:

‘A one million franc bribe … is it not correct that Mr Blatter asked that it be moved to the FIFA official who was named on the payment slip?’

FIFA Director of Communications Markus Siegler:

‘If you do not stop now, then we call the security and we put you out.’

FIFA Press conference, Zurich, Tuesday, 11 April 2006

‘I am deputy chairman of the finance committee of FIFA. I oversee a budget of US$2 billion and I have never seen one iota of corruption.’

Jack Warner, Trinidad Express 12 December 2004

‘Lying and deception and bad faith are standard operating procedure at FIFA.’

Adam C. Silverstein, a lawyer for MasterCard in their successful action against FIFA, New York, December 1, 2006

‘I do not believe a Jew can ever be a referee at that level (Argentine Premier League) because it’s hard work and, you know, Jews don’t like hard work.’

FIFA senior vice-president and chair of Finance Committee, Julio Grondona, 5 July 2003. Buenos Aires

‘FIFA is a healthy, clean and transparent organisation with nothing to hide. There is huge public interest in FIFA, therefore we have to be as transparent as possible. We will try to communicate in a more open way so the world can believe us and be proud of their federation.’

FIFA General Secretary Urs Linsi, January 2003, on


Wacky Whacked Warner is Now Father of
His Nation!



by Andrew Jennings


Sunday 26 June, 2011


FOR A MAN disgraced around the world last weekend you’d have thought that FIFA’s Jack Warner was a picture of shame and remorse. Wrong. He sat at his keyboard tapping out an incoherent Father’s Day homily to the people of Trinidad about respecting daddies – like himself.


What was surely the worst Sunday of his 68 years was stumblingly portrayed on a friend’s blog as a ‘time of sober reflection when as father he reflects about his own stewardship as daddy in the family.’ Warner burbled on. It was ‘a time when mother and children celebrate the many reasons why Daddy is so special.’


Out in the real world FIFA was embarrassed, Sepp Blatter wondered if he’d be next out of the door and the investigators continued digging out evidence of corruption.



Warner’s ‘manly swagger’



Meanwhile Warner was gazing mawkishly into his mirror of self-delusion and being philosophical about fathers. ‘Has he become so busy that the family has forgotten what his gentle smile looks like, how sweet his voice sounds or how elegant the strides of his manly swagger?’


That manly swagger was seen at its best when this football czar played away from home at his testosterone-soaked FIFA office in Trump Tower, New York. So his sweet but hard to understand message, ‘Let’s love of our women and let us be the best company our women and children will want to keep’ sat uneasily with those who’d travelled in his entourage.


This is the man accused of orchestrating a US$1 million vote buying scam with Mohamed Bin Hammam and siphoning thousands more dollars profit for his family travel company, shipping Caribbean delegates into Trinidad to pick up their brown envelopes. But that was before Father’s Day. This weekend? Listen for the boots of the investigators pounding nearer by the hour.